“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” - Lao Tzu

On Saturday’s afternoon, we held our first ever event at the American Space Oujda. And, it was a sheer SUCCESS.

The event was an opportunity to introduce our newly born club, its purposes and its potential activities. Rahaf and Ismail took care of that and presented a glimpse of the club.

Then, the spotlight was turned to our special visitor, Ms. Young Laura Kwon, who is a Korean-American U.S. Peace Corps volunteer in Figuig. She talked about the Korean language from a linguistic perspective, and made sure to make things fun which was visible through the audience interaction with her witticism on using shiny slides and stunning transitions. Her talk ended with a questions’ time section, where the audience asked topic-related questions which she graciously answered.

After that, there was a break, in which the crowd joined a self-financed buffet of juice and cakes, before the final part of our event which is The Quiz.

It was a replica of the TV Game Show Jeopardy!. We gathered three teams, each team contained five members and they were given four categories of questions, related to Korean language and culture, to answer and the team with the most amount of points wins. The winner team was awarded and we played Korean pop songs to the crowd and offered them to either stay and enjoy themselves or simply go and have fun.

That’s it. At the end, we held a meeting and discussed our future plans, the mistakes we should work to avoid next time; and we had fun.

Our biggest achievements yet were the huge attendees that we had not expected in our debut (It was estimated as over 100 people!), the agile teamwork of our members and the smooth collaboration with the employees and interns of the American Space Oujda, who supplied us with the place, the needed equipment and the help through the event. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff there.

Thanks for taking time to read this. See you next time!